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Infant Care Course

Infant Care Course

We aim to greatly improve the domestic employment and caregiving success rate, reducing the stress & financial burden to the domestic employers & caregivers.

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Should Your Maid Attend An Infant Care Course?

Should Your Maid Attend An Infant Care Course?

Heartiest Congratulations on the precious new addition to your family!

If you are considering to hire or have already hired a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) to assist your family with caring for your new-born baby, household cleaning and other home care needs, you should consider sending her for the relevant training courses so that your helper can be better equipped with the fundamental skills to better perform their roles at your home.

We understand that the standards and norms for infant care can differ greatly across cultures, across households and across different parenting techniques. Hence, our Infant Care training course aims to simplify Infant Care Caregiving techniques and expectations to help your maid understand the fundamentals more easily and learn more swiftly.

With this, we hope that you as an employer will be more assured that your precious newborn is in capable hands and that your helper too, will be more confident in handling your new-born.

What does our Infant Care Course cover?

  • Introduction to Infant Care

    Introduction to Infant Care

  • Baby milk & puree preparation

    Baby milk & puree preparation

  • Feeding (assisted latching & milk bottle)

    Feeding (assisted latching & milk bottle)

  • Burping Techniques

    Burping Techniques

  • Bathing Techniques

    Bathing Techniques

  • Skin Care products & applications

    Skin Care products & applications

  • Changing of diapers

    Changing of diapers

  • Swaddling Techniques

    Swaddling Techniques

  • Soothing


  • Managing Mothers’ emotions

    Managing Mothers’ emotions

Who Should Attend?

  • Foreign Domestic Workers

    Foreign Domestic Workers

  • Nannies


Mode of Teaching

Classroom based lecture
Video presentation
Practical demonstration
Hands-on practice

Course Duration

7 Hours

Course Fee


4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

  • More Confident Helpers

    More Confident Helpers

    Equipped with better knowledge and skills, helpers are able to adapt better in their new roles.

  • Higher Employment Success

    Higher Employment Success

    Helpers are better able to understand the local culture and expectations leading to lesser misunderstandings and greater tolerance.

  • Lesser Hiring Anxiety & Stress

    Lesser Hiring Anxiety & Stress

    Working on assisting the helper to adapt to her new environment reduces conflict, frustrations and ultimately reduces the need for termination.

  • Greater Hiring Savings

    Greater Hiring Savings

    Investing in training has let to greater savings for employers as helpers are given the right guidance to succeed based on each of their unique work requirements.

4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

How To Register For An Infant Care Class?

  • Step 1

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Let us know your infant care requirements.

  • Step 2

    We Will Contact You

    We Will Contact You

    We will respond within the day and advise you on the Infant Care Course Modules.

  • Step 3

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Latest training schedule will be shared and you can book your slot with ease.

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“Dear Zoe, Good day to you. Siti seems good natured, listens & does her work. Hope she continues to be happy working for us. Thanks for asking with concern Zoe, we appreciate it very much. Take care & Cheers.”



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