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Island Maids Training School

Island Maids Training School

Hire confidently at Island Maids. We conduct post-arrival training for all our domestic helpers, so as to familiarise them with the Singaporean lifestyle, and the expectations of working here.

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Our Maid Training School is Situated In Central Singapore

Our Maid Training School is Situated In Central Singapore

Even though we already have a good number and network of Overseas Training Centres that provide Pre-Arrival Training for basic cooking, general house-hold cleaning, taking care of infant/elderly and basic English, to prepare migrant domestic workers (MDWs) for their job-scopes and roles in Singapore. Island Maids goes a step further to train migrant domestic workers(MDWs) Post-Arrival In Singapore.

Our objectives are to orientate them on Singapore’s culture, better assimilate them into their new roles, to familiarize them with Singaporeans’ lifestyle choices and some common expectations of Singapore employers, to assist helpers who are already working in Singapore and are seeking more tailored courses to better equip themselves in their work, to assist helpers who are already working in Singapore who are passionate about training, to help them improve their skills & work efficiency.

We believe training and guidance with patience and the right attitude goes a long way.

Using multiple feedbacks and observations gathered through our years of experience in the Industry, we tailor our training programs to meet the local requirements and expectations of Domestic Employers in Singapore.

Island Maids strongly believes that through structured training and proper guidance, Helpers, Maids or Caregivers will be in a much better position to excel in their role, regardless whether they have had prior experience in Singapore.

In addition, we strive to provide ongoing support for our students (Helpers, Maids or Caregivers) should they require any assistance during the course of their work or caregiving roles.

Island Maids Training School is dedicated to training Migrant Domestic Workers (MDWs) & Caregivers to excel in their jobs and assist employers in their home care needs.

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Types of Maid Training Programs We Offer

  • Infant Care Course

    Infant Care Course

    We aim to greatly improve the domestic employment and caregiving success rate, reducing the stress & financial burden to the domestic employers & caregivers.

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  • Grant Approved Elder Care Course

    Grant Approved Elder Care Course

    Comprehensive Elder-Care Training for To Care For Your Loved Ones. Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) claimable with a minimum co-payment of $10* (for eligible households only).

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  • Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

    Training & Integration Program (T.I.P.S)

    We have developed a training program to focus more on developing mindsets, and helping Maids new to Singapore understand the culture and expectations of Local Domestic Employers.

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  • Basic English Course

    Basic English Course

    We aim to improve the understanding of commonly used instructions in households.

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4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

  • More Confident Helpers

    More Confident Helpers

    Equipped with better knowledge and skills, helpers are able to adapt better in their new roles.

  • Higher Employment Success

    Higher Employment Success

    Helpers are better able to understand the local culture and expectations leading to lesser misunderstandings and greater tolerance.

  • Lesser Hiring Anxiety & Stress

    Lesser Hiring Anxiety & Stress

    Working on assisting the helper to adapt to her new environment reduces conflict, frustrations and ultimately reduces the need for termination.

  • Greater Hiring Savings

    Greater Hiring Savings

    Investing in training has let to greater savings for employers as helpers are given the right guidance to succeed based on each of their unique work requirements.

4 Key Benefits of Maid Training

Start Investing In Your Maid’s Training

  • Step 1

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Drop Us An Enquiry

    Let us know which area of work you want your helper to enhance on.

  • Step 2

    We Will Contact You

    We Will Contact You

    We will respond within the day and recommend to you a suitable training program for your helper.

  • Step 3

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Book and Confirm Schedule

    Latest training schedule will be shared and you can book your slot with ease.

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