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Is Stay Home Notice (SHN) Costs allowed to be shared?

09 February 2022

Is Stay Home Notice (SHN) Costs allowed to be shared?

Employers can agree to share SHN costs for the transfer of a migrant domestic worker (MDW). What are the criteria for cost-sharing...

Can I have my agency fees shared?

No, only SHN-related costs are allowed to be shared.



What are the criteria for cost-sharing?

As an employer, you must

  • have paid the costs of your Migrant Domestic Worker’s (MDW’s) stay at a dedicated Stay-Home Notice (SHN) facility and her related Covid-19 tests
  • not have received any waiver of SHN Costs from the Government of Singapore
  • not have received from your MDW any part of the SHN costs for any reasons whatsoever
  • be transferring your MDW to a new employer within 12 months from her SHN check-out date
  • not demand or receive more than the total SHN costs you have paid for your MDW


How can I be assured that I will get my SHN cost sharing fee from the new employer?

  • A share cost fee agreement has to be signed by both you and the new employer
  • A copy to be retained for both your records for at least a year


How do I obtain my SHN cost share fees?

  • You may approach Island Maids agency for the transfer of your MDW and for assistance in facilitating the cost sharing.
  • Details you need to prepare and furnish:
    • Date of MDW’s SHN Completion (SHN Check-out date)
    • Total costs of SHN and Covid-19 tests you have paid
    • Number of Months/Days your migrant domestic worker has worked for you

Island Maids will assist to facilitate the transfer and share cost fee agreement between you and the new employer. We understand that the costs may vary, on case-by-case basis, depending on the amount each employer has spent for SHN.

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