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Can Maids Go Out For Off Day During Singapore’s Phase 2?

19 May 2021

Can Maids Go Out For Off Day During Singapore’s Phase 2?

Even as we enter into Phase 2 Heightened Alert (HA) with regards to the Covid-19 situation in Singapore, your Maid is still allowed to go out on her rest day. Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that Employers discuss the ongoing situation with their Foreign Domestic Workers (FDWs) to reach a consensus to stay home during this Heightent Alert period. Any of the 4 off days not taken must be compensated base on the per day salary computation (basic salary / 26 days).

Should there be instances whereby your maid might still need to head out (eg: remitting money or sending items home, run errands, etc), here are 5 Important Reminders for employers to brief your Maids on during the announced Phase 2 period: 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021.

Avoid crowded areas

  • Encourage your Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) to stay home as much as possible on her off day.
  • If your helper needs to go out, for example, to run an errand, keep it short.
  • Alternatively, discuss and encourage your maid to take her off day on a weekday. Her rest day does not necessarily have to be on a weekend.
  • If your maid decides to stay at home for her off day, you should not assign work to your maid.

Reduced interaction

  • If your helper does go out on her off day, please remind her that she is only allowed to gather in groups of a maximum of 2 people.

This means that there should be strictly no intermingling between groups.

Dining-in suspended

  • Employers should remind your helpers that dine-in at restaurants, food courts, and hawker centres is strictly not allowed.
  • Hence with dining-in suspended, your helper can consider staying home and dining in on her off day.

Mask up always

  • Remind your maid to wear a mask at all times.
  • Even when your maid is out for her off day, if your maid is feeling unwell at any point of time, your maid should proceed to see a doctor immediately

If your helper is above 45 Years Old, do encourage her to register for COVID-19 vaccination as this can:

  • Prevent COVID-19 and minimise transmission
  • Enable Singapore to resume more activities safely
  • Prevent Singapore’s healthcare system from being overwhelmed
  • Protect herself and those who cannot be vaccinated due to medical reasons:
    (Register from later-half of May at:

Let your helper know you care.

Remember, Singapore’s recovery is only as strong as each and every household’s observation of the above rules, every effort of an employer to brief your helper on the latest updates and our own efforts in ensuring social distancing within the community. Stay safe Singapore!